Scott's Big Blue Box


June 28, 2021

I use a ThinkPad T14 Gen 1 Intel, with these componets:

Thinkpad with cute anime wallpaper

I’ve had this machine for a week. I ordered it with Ubuntu Linux, with 8GiB of ram and a 128GiB SSD. I upgraded my old laptop to have 16GiB of ram and a 1TiB SSD. I’ve taken those out, replaced the 256GiB SSD, slapped Fedora 34 on it and gave it to my brother.

Taking the back off was a pain, four little tabs broke but it still feels sturdy. The ram was super easy, just slot the SODIMM in and say yeehaw. Upon inspection, the stock SSD had a different pinout than mine(!). Luckily, it was just an M.2 slot and the 1TiB was totally compatible

After that, I proceeded to install Gentoo. It didn’t work. Upon boot, it hung and I had to test out the reset hole. Needless to say, it works like a charm.

I then proceeded to install Fedora 34, because I like the ‘just works’ experience.

I’ve been mucking in /sys a little bit to configure the trackpoint but it’s not required of me.

All in all, Fedora is really good.

Fedora Linux desktop with anime wallpaper and neofetch open At home, I’ve got an HP monitor, and UNICOMP keyboard.