Scott's Big Blue Box


I’m Scott Little (he/his).

I’m a 14 y/o hacker from the state of Texas.

I’m a catboy (but not a furry) and hope to cosplay as such sometime.

I have a penchant for ‘old’ music (The 70’s were 50 years ago y’all)

Some of my favorite artists are:

My favorite songs are:

I use stock Fedora Linux with full disk encryption. My terminal is foot, my editor is NeoVIm and my IDE is VSCodium.

I use a ThinkPad, with all the bells and whistles. Check out /hardware for more!

I play the flute, and whatever may be said about Eric Raymond, noone is to disparage his choice of instrument.

In terms of television, I watch these shows regularly:

And may the uwu’s be with you! ^~^