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Distro superiority.

It is, quite frankly, a stupid idea.

What is distro superiority, even? Simple. It’s the idea that one Linux distribution is better every other without room for compromise.

For example:

I use arch (btw)

I am no less a competent Linux user because I choose Fedora. I choose Fedora because I want my hardware to work.

  • I don’t want a static IP and avahi-discover to set up CUPS (I did though, after about a year of no printer)
  • I don’t want to muck with pacmd when all I do is want to watch anime on my TV.
  • I want my mute lights to turn on when I press them.
  • I want touchpad gestures to actually do something.

I’ve used Arch / Artix for a year now and it has a lot of pluses. I like choosing my software but right now I want something that works without fuss or too much beating.

One isn’t a worse person because of their tools. Their tools may be bad, but they aren’t a bad person for using them.